Starting Teaching, but still Learning

I started this blog as part of my MA Applied Language Studies for TESOL, to reflect on concepts and ideas I came across in my modules, readings and in my teaching (I did a bit of part-time German teaching at the same time). As the MA got more intense and I was writing my dissertation, I lost the momentum, so that explains the gap of ca. 18 months between this and my last post.

Meanwhile, I have been working in my current EAP job for a year (to the day!), and I’m of course still learning every single day. Teaching, marking, dealing with students, colleagues, the team. I enjoy this very much, and I’m happy that this is my career now.

The learning also extends beyond the course I’m teaching on. I still endeavour to keep up with professional developments, although there’s much less time for reading journal articles and textbooks than there was during the MA. So one way of keeping this going is getting involved with BALEAP. The discussion list is great for that, and there were some interesting threads over the past few months. Another way is getting myself to events. Here, I get a lot of development done in preparing for events, and I get a lot out of being there on the day. See my post on getting into presenting at conferences.

The next step is to put together a portfolio for the BALEAP accreditation scheme

but this is a story for a different post 🙂


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